"Batik truly inspires me, as I am able to use this medium to illustrate my ideas into reality. With creative designs I furthered a brilliantly innovative look to contemporary batik design, bringing it to new heights.
Every piece signifies my efforts, dedication and most importantly my passion. I strongly believe in delivering outstanding productions and quality workmanship.
As a result, I have always felt that each finished piece should be appreciated with as much dignity as a work of art."

Fazryn Anuar
Textile Artist

Fazryn Anuar is a British Textile Artist. She graduated in BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths College and a BA Surface Design at London College of Communication in 2006. Since then she has spent her career designing on a freelance basis for various clients worldwide. She created patterns for a range of surfaces and products including packaging, stationery, homewares, textiles, and printed paper products. In 2014 Fazryn Anuar decided to pursue to become a full-time Textile Artist and venture into ethical textile Art, incorporating Fine Art with Surface Design background. She is originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and currently reside with her five year old daughter and work as a Textile artist in Barcelona.  

She has had a group exhibition with TEDxbarcelona in 2016 entitled “Women Empowerment” and a solo show in 2016 at the Wine Palace of Monaco, Monte Carlo. Fazryn donated one of her art piece to the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco in 2016. She specialised in bespoke sustainable silk painting. Each exclusive piece of colourful and vibrant artwork is created by hand through an ancient process called Batik. It is a process of waxing and dyeing on highest quality Eco silk. Every effort is made to use eco-friendly and recycled materials where possible, carefully sourcing ethical materials and productions methods. 

She work with patterns and bold colours. Each pieces impart a personal narrative, inspired and influenced by the natural world, surrealism, underground art, snippets of conversation and the many places she has experienced in her travels across the world. Fazryn Anuar’s designs may be bold and geometric or delicate flights of fancy, floating in an imaginary world, hypnotically familiar, yet hauntingly exotic. Working with patterns from Islamic and Christian architecture (spaces where pattern is mediated through embodiment), oriental rugs and textiles and underground street art, she use
colour, tone, fragments, disturbed and perturbed pattern to challenge the viewers’ assumptions and explore the numerous possibilities that arise as we try to determine and resolve the underlying pattern.